Oh Singapore!

hey guys! Im here to share with you my trip in Singapore, not so long ago, and the food I enjoyed with my stay..

My family and I went to Singapore a couple of times, and here’s a small list of what I’ve eaten in Singapore!

Bon Appetit!

1. The Lunch from 7/11

For the record, I personally find Microwavable meals found at convenient stores so tasteless, which is like a waste of money. But since my mom and I couldn’t find a fast food nearby, we bought Lunch at 7/11


 Its a Microwaved noodle meal with chicken, leafy stuff and a dim sum. I tried a bit, and surprisingly, it was great! It was so flavorful till the last bite, despite the fact that it came from a convenient store and it just costs a few bucks! 😀

2. Loui’s Signature Pizza


Then my mom and I headed to Universal Studios Singapore and had a fantastic time! We had pizza for lunch at Loui’s Signature Pizza, which was guaranteed by my uncle for making the best pizza around!


 I had a classic pepperoni! It was soo cheezy and yummy and came in one big slice! Perfectly paired with ice cold soda!

3. The Food from the Block

We spent dinner time with my uncle, aunt and their two kids! They gave us a treat of a typical Singaporean dinner at the Block! We went to a place like a food court.. We ordered a variety of food and here’s what we got..

  • Grilled Stingray! At first, I thought it was quite weird eating one, but I gave it a try and it was.. HOT! It was so spicy that I had to drink water ASAP, but it was so delicious and cooked perfectly! Didn’t know a stingray could taste that good! 😀


  • I also loved the classic buffalo wings! It was so appetizing from skin till bone! Definitely one of my favorites!


  • Plus! My uncle let me taste one of Singapore’s pride, Satay! It’s like BBQ the Singapore way! It was awesome and tasted even better matched with a Peanutly sauce. Too bad I haven’t got a picture of the satay I ate, just the saucethat came with it. But, here’s what Satay looks like.

(C) fodmapliving.com


The Peanut Sauce



4. At Kopitiam!

DSC09704 DSC09703

When in Singapore the second time around, we stayed by the city’s center so we enjoyed going around. For lunch, we ate at Kopitiam, it like this place with a variety of food choices, Singaporean, Indian, Japanese, Chinese and many more. Too bad, I couldn’t find a picture of the meal we ate. 😦 But take note! The food is so adorable and affordable! PLUS in came in large servings!

5. Snack Attack!

After sight seeing, I was starving + the weather was so humid, so I was craving for something cold and here’s what I bought!

  • Iced Ocha Tea!Its so refreshing! One of the best iced teas I’ve had in my entire life!


  • Ais Kachang! My aunt said I had to try this dessert coz it was so yummy! and yes, It was! Talk about shaved ice with red beans, nata de coco, sweet corn; topped with evaporated milk, ice cream;  a drizzle of rose and sarsi syrup and a whole lot toppings to add in your ais kachang! Mine was with flavored syrups, bits of something sweet (forgot the name), topped with red beans!



  • I just can’t get enough! Brought the playful side of me and bought myself an orange flavored Ice Pop while walking back to the hotel.


6. Quick Bite @ The Cathay

DSC09748 DSC09743

At night, my family and I went malling to the Cathay! After shopping and everything else, we had dinner in the food court and ate food from QuickBite!

DSC09740 DSC09741

Its a typical BBQ with an Asian twist. It’s freshly prepared and you could watch it while they grill it. The BBQ was so rich in flavor, it’s juicy, sweet, spicy, tender.. The type of BBQ I love! Absolutely, my kind of Ambrosia!

7. The Unforgettable Chicken Fillet, EVER!
Our last day in Singapore. So, before the bus arrives, we ate in the Hotel’s restaurant. I ordered a Chicken Fillet with pepper sauce and veggie sidings.


What makes it Unforgettable is the sauce! It look so tempting and mouthwatering so I took a spoonful and BOOOM! The sauce was oh-so-super-extremely-to the 100000+ level spicy! It just looked like a typical gravy with bits of pepper so I didn’t expect it to be that spicy. Though I was betrayed by its looks. Besides the HOT pepper sauce I enjoyed the meal especially the fillet.


So I guess that’s it! Thanks for your time! and hope I left your stomachs full with the FoodTrip! 😀 Bye lah!


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