A Night Worth Remembering


Glamour. Heels. Cocktail Dresses. Prom dates. Heartaches. Food. Food. And Food.
These are the things I noticed at Prom, like the whole time.

This year’s Prom is quite memorable ‘coz I had a lovely time with my friends and classmates; Seeing’ em in those extravagant dresses makes me so thankful to have such beautiful and handsome friends. I’ll never forget this prom ‘coz I was able to make amends and talk to people who have a special role in my life + It was awesome to have as my first and last dance a great friend 😉

Furthermore, I had an Exceptional night! With all the music, the shaking floor, the cream puffs and my buddy’ s camera; not to mention my hilarious text messages and chats with a few of my friends during the event :))




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