A Night to Remember?

Everyone dressed up in black and white to celebrate our prom night…


Our JS Prom is…nice, I guess. I think it is a night to remember for most but for me, it’s just a normal evening. We may be dressed in glamorous dresses and high heels; however, i think its just one of the things that makes this night different from every other nights. *sigh* Another normal evening spent with my best friends, like sleepovers, but i think sleepovers are much, much more enjoyable than this. We just sat there all night, talked, ate and played with our cellphones. We were even texting each other even if were just sitting at the same table. Another thing that makes this night different is that I danced…with my best friend that is – my first and last dance in the tune “Best Friend”. Hihi. ^///^ But if you are to ask me which prom I’ll remember most, I’ll say…it’s the JS Prom last year – one of the most unforgettable events of my third year in high school. Why? Because I got to dance with my crush. Hihi. ^///^ Just want to share. Hehe. 🙂 Still can’t get over it. 😀 But I like this prom, too. The reason? All of my friends attended and I like wearing fancy dresses and high heels. Dessert was good, too. 🙂




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