Bento Box Art







Who said food art is not allowed in bento boxes? There are times where I wish that I was a Japanese, just so I could try making a bento box art myself. But then I thought, wouldn’t it be a waste if I just eat it right away? After all, I made a masterpiece using bits of food. So I figured, maybe being not a Japanese was a good thing for me.


Power Puff Girls! I’ve always been an avid fan of PPG ever since I was a kid. And seeing it in a bento box makes me want to smile. Isn’t that cute? 



Rock. We all know how famous visual keis in Japan are. I honestly like Malice Mizer, a visual kei rock band from the early 90’s and I am in love with GACKT (seriously)! I find them weird at first, but you’ll soon get to like it.



Define cute? That picture below is. Just seeing that makes me want to see it in real life >_<  It’s so cute 🙂 Especially the eggs.


Care for some coffee? Yes. The oh so famous coffee shop, Starbucks. In a bento. Cool, isn’t it? 






P.S.: These photos are not mine. Credits belongs to their rightful owners. I got the pictures from this link.


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