The truth behind the these smiles


Who do you think am I? I’m a happy girl when I’m with my friends, a good daughter and a sister in my family, and a good citizen of the country. I’m a calm person. I don’t get distracted easily. I’m a trusty friend, the one you can lean on in case of any problem. I have a few friends but I treasure them a lot. I don’t have that much friend because I’m a shy person. I don’t like talking to strangers. I’m also not good in making any conversation. I’m lazy especially when writing but I make sure my grades are still high. I got irritated easily. I’m having a short temper. I like adventures especially when it comes to thinking. I enjoy thinking by means of solving problems. Some say that I have a very positive attitude. I don’t like the feeling of humiliation. I hate being lectured about something.

But what do you think is inside of me?  Maybe I’m happy outside but inside of me is a girl that is full of fear and insecurities. I’m afraid to be left alone. I feel weak when I’m around of many people. I feel like I need to prove my self to anyone. Although I have a very positive attitude, when it comes to gaining friends I think many negative thoughts. I feel like they will come and go.

I may be good but I can be mean also. I don’t want any of my friends be hurt. My brother usually sees me as a rude sister. But it just a facade of me.



16 thoughts on “The truth behind the these smiles

  1. Rachel 😉 When we weren’t that much close back then, I always thought that you’re.. Well, let’s just say, “masungit” because you don’t really talk that much. But as I became your friend, I realized I was wrong. You’re very friendly and I was taken aback when I saw you talk a lot (which doesn’t happen regularly) before. But now, I feel like you already became comfortable with your friends and you always talk with them now unlike before 🙂

    One thing I know about you is that you have a strong patience, but if that patience becomes overused, you can turn into a very very scary person XD for me. Hehe :)) I always get freaked out whenever you’re mad, so I try not to make you angry as much as I can.

    I really like it when I ask you questions and you answer them wholeheartedly, and you’re always willing to teach me even if it’s hard to explain. Sooo I want to thank you so much for that. You’re also very concerned to your friends. I remember eating lunch with only a spoon as my utensil so you allowed me to borrow your fork instead. You also listen very carefully whenever I/we share something to you. 🙂


  2. Hey, orange! Hey, Hey Orange! 😀 “Patience is a virtue” is one of the things I learned from you. I think you are one of the most patient people I’ve ever met. Whenever I annoy you, you never fail to make a repartee which is one of the things I like about you. But I’m really scared when you lose your temper. Soo scary. >.< But I like provoking you when you're in a good mood. 3:) One of the things I hate about you is when you say "shut up". It really makes me cry. Wait…It did make me cry. Hehe 🙂 You're always ready to help when it's important and you always reply to my messages ONLY when it is a life and death situation. 😀 All in all, you are one of my treasured friends and I accept you for who you are… 🙂


  3. Yow Sharpie!
    Meron lng isang bagay na gusto ko malaman mo…At un ay napaka surprising mong tao. Lhat ng impressions nmin sau walang tumama sa kung cno k tlga…Just stay cool and I want u to know ur refreshing…Like an orange juice.

  4. Sa lahat ng classmate ko ngayon dito ako pinaka natatakot. Hahahaha Patience = Rachel. Tumatak na sa isip ko yan hahahha Pero kahit nakakatakot ka hahahah joke! Natutuwa pa din ako sayo, feel ko kasi ang bait mong ate kay Richard kahit minsan parang wala ka lang pakialam hahahhaha. (:


  5. ah eto si Rachel? future Doc. Drice to e.. :)) ayun. kalmado naman kahit papaano.. kahit galit ka na, hindi mo pa rin magawang taasan yung boses mo. yung sigaw mo parang normal na boses ko lang e. :)) aaminin ko.. minsan natatawa ako sa’yo kahit na galit ka na.. hindi ko alam kung bakit.. mabait ka masyado pero kahit kailan hindi naabuso.. :)) yun lang yata? sige,Doc. :))


  6. hey cup alam mo ganyan din sana title nung aken XD well isa lng masasbi ko nagulat ako nung sumigaw ka ng “mag drop-out na kayo” nung pinagalitan tayo XDDD yun yung unang beses na nakita kitang magalit naloka ako noon nd ko alam kung tatawa ako oh mananahimik kasi na SHOCK ako XD ay nga pla cup bat ba napaka bait mo ? hahaha .. ah yun lng …. hahaha ….

    ~ Raven ❤

  7. Hi Rachel. I will always remember you as the most quiet and kind girl. Pero syempre joke lang. Hahahaha. You’re always there when I need you. For example, when I’m having a hard time understanding something. I’ll just ask you and you are ready to answer me, with a cutiepatootie voice. Hahaha. I admire your patience. I love to know you more, if you’ll let me. Hahaha. Nonetheless, I know that you’re a very good and reliable friend. Thanks for the friendship!

    -Christen :>

  8. Hello RAchel Drice hahaha :p ayun nakakatuwa lang kasi naalala ko pa yung sinabi mo na ” ANo ba minsan lang ako magalit ng ganito ha, kung ayaw nyo mag drop-out nalang kayo” hahaha di ko makalimutan yan :p… ingatsss

    /LAurel :3

  9. Kambaal! Hey hey! Something i can say bout you is that you’re sooo kind. Coz whenever I need someone to help me with stuff or do things you always lend your hand. Hahaha! 😉 I’ve seen that you’ve changed a lot for the better.. You’re more patient now, you’re understanding and more jolly and hyper! You’re that someone who is very fragile but at the same time you’re tough! You’re like an ate.. Seriously! Hahaha! Stay who you are right now coz you’re definitely a friend for keeps! 🙂

  10. Wala akong masabi. Hahaha. Iba ka pala magalit no? Akala ko nga hindi ka marunong magaling e. Hahaha. Pero sabagay, timba nga napupuno e. Tao pa kaya? 🙂 Ambait mong nilalang. Ikaw yung “FRIEND” ko. Tawagan natin yan e! Pero ako hindi mo ko tinatawag na ganyan. 😦 It hurts you know. Hahahaha. Labyuuuu.

    /Mich ♥

  11. Hi Rachel 🙂 Kahit hindi tayo close, nakikita ko sayo na mabait ka. Akala ko tahimik ka. I mean tahimik ka naman talaga. May side ka din palang makulit. Hahahaha 🙂 Goodluck nga pala sa college 🙂

    -Nathalie 😀

  12. Hi Honey Bunch hahaha nung una akala ko masungit ka pero nung nakilala kita makulit ka rin pala kagaya ko. Tapos masungit ka rin minsan. Tapos masarap kang kakulitan hahahaha. Sayo lang ako nasanay ng may tawag. (honey nunch=)) yun lang….


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