Me and no one else.


“Who Am I?” thats the question I consider to be the most difficult to answer yet the commonly asked.

For starters,  I am Deciree Joy M. Dela Paz, 16 and I grew up in a not-so-common country of Yemen. Im someone who talks alot. I dont feel shy to approach people but that seriously takes all of my guts. I try my hardest to crack jokes but never prevail. Im a perfectionist and somewhat organized. Im easy-going and I enjoy my friends’ company. I love watching movies and American TV series. You’d find me with a book during the weekends. I like exercising but I seldom do that. Im a person with numerous goals and who looks forward for the future.

  As for a more personal me, I feel pretty much unimportant. I also have the feeling of being left behind and unnoticed which causes me to just blotter out whatever I want to say to get attention. At times, I just say things without thinking twice that tends to get too offensive .Frankly, Im a very moody person. I act rude and mean to those who get on my nerves and I hate it when things dont go my way. Growing up, I didnt have a ‘someone’ who I can talk my heart out, so I keep my true feelings to myself most of the time. I dont like being pressured and forced to do things  coz it makes me feel weak. Honestly, Im very appreciative and I always look at the best side of someone rather than their worst. Im sentimental and I always hold on to memories. Whenever Im with my close companions and family, I feel secure and comfortable; though at times it may seem like I don’t care, seeing  happy and safe is all I want.

Lasty, I can say that there’s braveness in everyone, even me, coz somehow I’ve overcome the hardest trial that came my way and I was able to stay on feet no matter how hard life blew me down. Im beginning to step out of my shell and discover a whole lot more about myself.



18 thoughts on “Me and no one else.

  1. Chipiiiw!! 😀 From the first moment I saw you, I knew right from the start that you’ll become a friend of mine. But little did I know, we became much more closer than what I thought it would only be. That’s how my first impression of you started 😀

    Almost two years have passed and I started to know you little by little… First, you’re a very nice and friendly person. You’re the kind of girl who can befriend someone you just met the same day. You also have a very strong patience, even if you think you don’t. But trust me! You really do have one. Even if I annoy you several times a day, instead of building up your anger, you just smile and you just go with the flow. You can be a bit moody at times and I honestly dislike that because it confuses me and it makes me worry and think of something like “is she angry with me?” or “what did I do?”

    I love how you treat your friends fairly. I love the fact that every one of your friends gets the same amount of love from you! (: You’re very jolly and you’re not easily provoked with the jokes that we make on you (btw, sorry if I/we hurt your feelings sometimes).

    -Lindy Piw

  2. Hi, Des!…^_^ Don’t ever feel unimportant because to me you are one of the most significant people in my life. Maybe if I had an older sister, I imagine she’d be someone like you. Someone warm, friendly, reliable and someone I can confide to. I admire the fact that you are a perfectionist like a certain someone I know well. Hehe. 🙂 I think that’s one of the reasons why we get along. I really like that you’re forbearing. You don’t fight back when I tease you. (Well, most of the time, you don’t) 3:) And I’m not sorry for it like Lindy! 😀 It’s just that you look so…vulnerable. Like I can easily get away with I whatever I do to you. I think that’s why you’re always the target of my teasing. 3:) I agree that you are moody. Seriously, what is wrong with you? One minute, you’re all smiles and talkative; next thing I know, you’re quietly sitting in a corner and moping like the world has ended. Sooo scary. I don’t agree that you are not funny. Honestly, you’re like a walking circus and your corniness is the main attraction. 3:) What I’m trying to say is that you are one of the priceless friends in the few collection friends I have and definitely in the rank of “Most Important”. 😉


  3. Hey Deciree Joy Magpantay Dela Paz Keller Damon Jones! Just one thing, stay who u are right now because the person me and the dwarfs know today is one of the best person the crappy world could have afforded to give us. Just stay strong and true…


  4. Deciree, siya yung babaeng kahit anong kalat mo liligpitin niya. Seriously, mind your own business! Hahahahah Nakakapagod kaya maglinis, di ka ba napapagod? Siya lang yung taong nakilala kong kahit maayos naman, aayusin pa ulit basta lang maging super ayos nito. Perfectionist? Deciree lang yan! Hahahah Pero eto seryoso na, you’re very important. Siguro di ko kayang patunayan na importante ka sakin hahahaha pero anong sabi ng 7D di ba? Para san pa’t naging super friends kayo hahahhaha Siguro di mo alam pero every time na nakikita kita or hindi naman every time basta madalas you amuse me. Hindi ko alam kung paano idescribe pero minsan natatawa na lang ako. It’s hard to please everyone pero parang sayo ang dali dali lang. Positive vibes kasi lagi kahit moody ka na you choose your words. (:


  5. Hi, mommy Des. ayun. buti kinaya mo kaming alagaan kahit na pinapakain mo lang kina raven ay pork and beans. xDD oh eto na seryoso na ako.. ikaw yung.. ummm ano ka nga ba? ah.. ikaw yung malambing na type… ikaw yung hindi makasigaw kahit na galit na parang si Rachel lang.. 🙂 good secret keeper ka din. lahat ng sikreto ko na sinabi ko sayo hindi nagkalat kung saan saan. 🙂 yun lang yata? hehe :))


  6. mami (food :D) bat ka ba nangungurot … matakit kya .. XD nga pla tengks sa lhat sa pagiging mabuting (mami ?) friend, nakakaloka ka din pla magalit XD mag kambal nga kayo ni cupkeyk XD mii pede ba stop giving us pork and beans XD de joke i like the way you laugh SILENT lng hahaha naka mute lgi pag tatawa XD yun lng miiiiii …….


  7. Hi Rambu! I really really like you as a friend :). You’re very organized. And I really admire you for that. You want things to be at the right places. I think? Hahaha. My secrets are all safe. And I’m thankful for that. You’re a good listener. You’re very malambing din :)). Hahaha. I will always be here for you, Rambu. You will always be the “National Book Store” of the class. Hahahahaha. Thank you very much for the friendship!

    -Christen :>

  8. Hey Des. :)))) Hahahah! Ikaw yung babaeng may mahabang pasensya. :)) tapos nakilipagkulitan ka lang din. para sakin, ikaw yung madali lang lapitan. nakakapagshare pa nga ko sayo e ^^ tapos yun akala ko talaga di ka marunong magtagalog. hahaha! yemen ba naman kasi eh. wahaha. enjoy talaga ako sa joke na yan. hahaha! -Kaylee.

  9. Si Des? Siya yung taong maayos sa gamit. Malinis sa gamit. Maarte sa gamit. Nakakatuwa lang kasi may ganyan pa pala. Hahaha. Ako kasi burara e, XD
    Kamusta na kayo ni Silver? HAHAHAHA ay joke! 🙂 Basta wag ka magbabago ah. 🙂 Labyuuu.

    /Mich ♥

  10. Hi Des/ Short! haha I started calling you short when you cut your hair. :)) Youre a very kind person, responsible and organized. Pero may pagkamakulit din. haha. yun lang? haha. peace!


  11. Hi Des! Naaalala ko yung pag nagkikita tayo sa corridor lagi kang “Hi with a smile” haha. Ikaw yung klase ng tao na kapag may kalat kang nakikita…walis agad xD Salamat sa perfumed bet ko yun XD. Ang saya mo kasama. Wag kang magbabago ah . Stay friendly -Aileen

  12. Hi kambal.. For me you are an achieve. You are the most friendliest person I ever met. You are the one who teach me the word “socialize”. I don’t know why but when you become my friend I became very talkative 🙂 You are the corniest person that is born in the universe (peace). I also like about you is your very understanding because even if we tease you none stop your still smiling and you’re not getting mad. You change a lot to like what I said you became more understanding cause when we are newly friend you got mad easily with our silly jokes.. I hope you don’t change and stay what you are.. I’m glad that you are one of my friend..


  13. Hi Des :))) Salamat sa lahat 🙂 Ang bait mo kamo :3 Kainggit. Hahahha! 😀 Naging masaya ang pagsasama natin sa sandaling pagsasama natin sa brain train. Kahit hindi tayo magkaklase, masaya pa rin. Kaya thank you. Wag ka na magpaputi! Maganda ka na. Hahaha 😀

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