I’m ready to be extraordinary..



Who am I?

There are times wherein I ask myself, “Who am I?” and “How do I define me?” I pause for a moment, and then I realize that I am just an ordinary person, just like any other people out there. But each and every one of us has their own genuine self. Before everything, I would like to introduce myself first. I am Lindy Karina U. Saducos. I am a person with a lot of dreams and goals set in mind. I am an idealist. I read books and watch Asian Dramas as a hobby. I hate ketchup and mayonnaise and I don’t like it when there are more than two meals on my plate because I like it clean. I use fork as my spoon, and spoon as a fork. I am a very nice and generous person. I don’t like giving a bribe when I ask people for a favor. Instead, I give it to them as a gift. Because when something is given earlier, it is a bribe. And when something is given after, it’s a gift. I am honest and I speak for the truth. I am trustworthy. Your secrets are safe with me. When a peer of mine is feeling blue, I’m truthfully not the kind of person who can comfort someone, but I always think of them and care for them in the other ways that I can. I do not betray my friends, I keep and respect them, because they’re worth a gem.

Some people call me weird. I may be loud at times. I tend to make jokes on people. I screw up on things every now and then. I’m probably not the smartest person you could ever know. Others may think I’m funny and playful. while others think I’m just being exasperated. I can become insensible sometimes, causing me to unconsciously hurt people from the words I say.

But on the inside, I am very afraid. I am very quiet. Because what’s left is just myself. I do not like sharing my secrets and my thoughts and I’d rather keep them to myself because I do not have enough courage to speak for it. I think about life situations more than what people expect. I want to solve my problems on my own if there’s an opportunity.

There are times wherein I ask myself, “Who am I?” and “How do I define me?” I pause for a moment once again, and then I realize that we are all extraordinary. In every single way.



17 thoughts on “I’m ready to be extraordinary..

  1. If I would describe you in one word, it would be “fun”. You’re fun to be with. There’s never a dull moment when you’re around. Well, except when you have the “Lindy Syndrome”. Hehe 🙂 I learned a great deal of “things” from you and I consider you as one of the best friends I’ve ever had. I really, really like you. You’re very sweet and affectionate. You’re not afraid to show what you’re feeling and you’re always ready to help. You’re also veeery CHILDISH but that’s not a bad thing. I think it’s one of the things I love about you, Piw! ^_^ I’m really in awe whenever you start “piwing” and doing things that are…inappropriate? at times. You never fail to amuse me. You’re like an open book sometimes but there are times when I just don’t know what you’re feeling or thinking. Sometimes you’re close, sometimes you’re distant. I admit that you can be veeery irritating sometimes but I like it when we both annoy a certain “someone”. Hehe 3:) Clearly, you’re a great person and I’m very lucky to have you as a friend. 🙂


  2. Obsess ka kay Georgi. 😦 HAHAHAHAHA! Pero sa totoo lang, masaya ako sa mga kabaliwan naten. (y) nakakahawa yung hilig mo sa mga dramas and cheberlu. Totoo ka ren, yan ang gusto ko sayo. -Kayle.

  3. I’d say you are a great person, you are easy to love, your are fun to be with, you never let people down, you always brighten us up with your smile, you are a very nice, kind, valiant, and sweet, when you cry you make sure you wont make us worry, and you have the funniest and cutest laugh, and always remeber that you made us happy with who you are…..:)) 😇

  4. Hello there soulmate! I really love when I hear your voice. Because you’re like a child, and I really love kids. Hahahaha. Honestly, when you’re around I feel happy. I love the way you smile and make other people happy. I find it so cute when you’re playing with your friends. Hahahaha. Thank you for being a good listener. Thank you for your time when I’m asking anything under the sun. Haha. Thank you for the friendship, soulmate! 🙂

    -Christen :>

  5. You’re beautiful and talented. You’ve always been a good friend of mine and I wish you all the best and I believe that you can reach all your dreams at the right time. 😁😘

  6. Friend! Akala ko dati seryoso kang tao tapos nung narinig ko yung tawa mo natatawa na lang ako sa inisip ko sayo dati. Hindi tayo close pero hindi rin naman tayo awkward sadyang we build walls. Siguro kasi same poles repels di ba? pero di naman tayo galit sa isa’t isa basta alam ko namang gets mo yun hahahahah sumagi pa ang physics di ba hahahahhaha


  7. Hi Lindy piw! nung una akala ko seryoso ka as in seryoso pero hndi talaga. Ung tawa mo grabe! Contagious. At isa k ata sa mga napaka creative na person na nakilala ko. Yun stay who u are, move to where you wanted to be and maybe George and SJK will be waiting.
    P.S. PIW!

  8. Lindy piw? :)) ikaw yung tao na may mabilis na kamay.. xD nakita kitang maglaro sa psp ni ysa dati. grabe, ang bilis ng kamay mo.. hindi ko na masundan yung pinagpipindot mo pero ikaw parang sisiw lang… short-tempered ka pero nako-control mo 🙂 kaya mong maki-ride sa lahat ng joke ko kahit na alam mong corny na saka wala na minsan sa lugar. Ikaw din yung taong nangongonsensya para di ko magawa yung isang bagay na hindi ko dapat ginagawa. tulad kanina na matutulog na sana ako pero kinonsensya mo ako na hindi matulog.. 🙂 sana lagi mo akong kinokonsensya para di ako makatulog sa classroom. 🙂 yun lang, Piw.. 🙂 wag ka sana magbago stay pretty, calm and wise.


  9. hi lindy bells .. isa ka pa mahilig mangurot XD ay tengks sa recommendation mo na drama na “YOU WHO CAME FROM THE STARS” i like it ❤ at salamat din sa pag recommend sakin na pakinggan ko yung music ng BIGBANG at EXO ❤ ahhh .. so kilig ❤ sensya uala na ko maisip eh 😀 basta salamat ..


  10. Hi bes! XD 😉
    hahahha! Chipiwww!! Just wanna let you know that i feel so blessed to have a friend like you! You’re like this oh-so-awesome person! You’re so true and i love being around you.. If i had a sister, i wish she’d be someone like you.. You’re playful, piwful, lovable, annoying, serious and everything else, i love you for that! And seriously, you have a great voice! Yung singing and laughing ah! :)) you can make anyone laugh in an instant! Just want to tell you too that you are so much capable of doing things you thnk you cant do, just believe in yourself and be confident! Stay bubbly and piw! 🙂


    P. S. did i forget to mention that you’re so fond of trees? :)))))

  11. Lindyyyyy! Nakakadala yung tawa mo. Yung tipong pag tumawa ka, kahit walang nakakatawa matatawa na rin ako. Hahaha. Kasi naman e. Bat ba ang wagas mo tumawa. XD Ang sya saya mo kasama. :>

    .Mich ♥

  12. HI piw.. I find you so cute especially when your piwing us.. I like the way you talk. You are so fun to be with. Even though we are in a hard situation you always made it light by saying jokes.. At first I thought we will not become friends but as time goes by I realize that you are a friendly and lovable person. You are one of the person that I’m comfortable with. You’re not afraid to show who you really are and that’s the thing I like you. I think Dwarfs will be sad if you’re not around. You are a crayon that adds a color to are friendship. You made us all happy by just hearing your laugh. Just continue what you’re doing right now. Glad that we became friends.


  13. Hi Lindy!
    There are a lot of adjectives that I could use to describe you. Moreover, I have chosen the best three among of it. You are one of the person that I knew who never fails to make me smile and laugh, regardless of any circumstances. You can accept criticisms and failures wholeheartedly. You are very sensitive about other people’s feelings.
    Thank you my friend 🙂


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