All I want for Christmas….


All I want for Christmas is to be in my father’s loving arms. I’ve never seen him since the day he left us to go abroad for us to have a bright future. we used to chat but that’s not enough, warmth of touch and stupid internet connection has a big difference.  He should be here. He should be with my mother, he should be with us. He should be playing with my brothers and listen to our problems. he should be cooking and spending his Christmas and new year celebration with us,with his family, but no. He’s a thousand miles away from us. He sacrificed the pleasure of laughter and warm hugs for the future of his three children.

I wish, pray and request to God that he should take good care of my father, give him the health he need and may he find love and peace wherever he go. Someday, maybe not today,tomorrow or the following days but someday.. I will find my way to his arms, feel his tight hug and warm kisses again.. A daughter will see her Papa again.. soon…



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