Ever experienced that moment in your life when all you just want to do is just eat until you stomach would burst (well, not literally)? I felt the same before back then. And that’s when my family introduced me to buffets. I really love buffets because first of all, it’s worth the money for hungry eaters like me and there’s a lot to choose from. In this post, you’ll see a bunch of Buffets located in the Philippines.





My personal favorite. I’ve been here for four times already. I really like the ambiance of this place and there’s a lot of Japanese and Chinese foods that you can eat. I also love grilling the yakiniku myself. You’re also free to eat if it’s your birthday and staffs will sing for you but tag someone along with you because you can’t go alone. Teehee. Be careful not to leave anything over though, because they’ll charge you Php 699.00 if you do.


Sambo Kojin



It’s similarly close to Yakimix. We went here during my brother’s birthday and it was really fun! Staffs were singing and dancing for him and they even gave him a small cake. I love their fried Japanese foods, especially their Tempura and there were a lot more. There’s also Korean cuisine, but I’m not really into Korean food so I didn’t taste all of it and I only tried their dukbokki. It was great. I like how there’s a lot of condiments to choose from to experiment on your meat while grilling too. Like Yakimix, there’s also a left over fee too (as much as I recall). BTW, I really like their desserts here Hoho.. 


Kamayan, Saisaki, Dad’s: THE ULTIMATE BUFFET


We’ve been here last year too! It’s a combination of Filipino, Japanese and American food. I like how there’s a wide variety of food to choose from but it’s my least favorite out of the three, probably because I was too full that time and I didn’t get to eat much because I didn’t like some of their foods. If there’s one thing that I like here, it’s probably the desserts section. But don’t worry, because it’s still worth the money, I’m just really a picky eater (I didn’t like veggies and there were a lot of meals that includes veggies). I still remember getting a free fish plushie from them because they had this promo that if you order a bottomless drink, you’ll get a free toy. My siblings got one as well. And by the way, there’s also a left over fee here too!

Here’s the fish that I got from their buffet:






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