And then there were MUFFINS!

Whether it’s Breakfast time, Snack time or you just feel like eating something.. Muffins should definitely be the ones to munch on!

Here are different kinds of muffins that you should try..

1) Banana Muffins

Personal favorite!! 😀 I love it when it remains moist after baking especially banana muffins with pecans or walnuts..Its every delicious and has just the right sweetness..

2) Cinnamon and Apple Muffins
Remember the classic combination of sweet apple and crisp taste of cinnamon that you usually get on an apple pie? Well, enjoy it now in a muffin! Cinnamon flavored muffin topped with tiny bits of apple.. Instant apple pie in a snap! 

3) Blueberry Muffins
Berry Lover? Here’s an all time favorite Blueberry Muffin! Love blueberry’s Sour-Sweet taste lingering on your tastebuds..

4) Chocolate Chip Muffins

But of course! Who would want to miss out on the World’s Favorite Muffin! Chocolate Chip muffins are loved by everyone..Kids! Teenagers! Grandparents! Teachers! Students! Office workers! Everyone! It just never fails to satisfy your cravings, moreover, its Extraordinarily Delicious!!

5) Carrot and Pecan Muffins

The perfect muffin for Tea time.. Enjoy the simplicity of the carrot muffin sprinkled with pecan bits on top, match it with Warm tea or iced tea..Perfect Combination!


6) Orange Berry Muffins

Are you in for a muffin with a burst of flavor?! Try Orange Berry muffins and taste the citrus flavor and the sour-sweet taste of berries! Complements each other very well.. 🙂 

7) Basic Muffins

You might wonder why I included it in this list. But seriously, Basic muffins are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Why? Coz you can match it with your favorite tid bits! Nuts, Apples, Berries and Choco Sprinkles.. Or Top it/ Dip it in your favorite jam or syrups! Whether it’s Strawberry jam, Honey or Choco totally works! Extra Tip! Eat it as it is and enjoy! 



8) Corn Muffins

Another classic muffin that rocks any occasion! BIte into the yummy world of muffin and corn kernels and be mesmerized!  


9) Peanut Butter Streusel Muffins

Peanut butter lovers will surely love the gooey taste of these lovely goodies! Overflowing with the nutty flavor and topped with crunchy nuts.. Best Crunchy Snack Attack!


That’s probably it! Thanks for your time and feel free to share with us your favorite muffins!


So, what are you waiting for?! Dig In! And give yourself a Muffin Break! 🙂




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