A snack is a small meal that is eaten between regular meals. Snacks can also be eaten while watching a movie. Some of us loves snacks especially me. So here are the lists of my favourite snacks that I ‘m dying to eat:




It’s a potato cut in strips that is usually deep fried in oil. It’s commonly called French fries. (I always crave for this). It is also best with ketchup, cheese and sour cream.

choco 2.) Chocolates

We all love chocolates. Who would have hated a sweet snack that will surely brighten up your mood? They say that eating chocolate will make you happy that’s why some depressed people eat chocolates. I also believe it cause eating chocolates is my happiness.



3.) Chips

It is a thin sliced potato that is usually deep fried. It is usually  salted. We can call it as a part of junk food. (It’s not healthy to eat many!!)..

valentine chocolate cake-1


4.) Cakes

I love cake especially chocolate cake. It is a sweet baked dessert. The sweet taste of it satisfies my taste buds that make me crave more.



5.) Cookies

Also called biscuits. It is commonly bake. I like cookies especially chocolate chip.



6.) Peanuts

They say peanuts can cause pimples if you eat to much but I don’t believe in it. I love peanuts especially the boiled one. It is fun to eat while watching a movie.


So here is my favorite snacks of all time.. But let me remind you its good to eat Junk food but not to much.. You should know how to control your self because eating unhealthy food can damage our body.  Just be responsible on what you eat..

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