Satisfying my Cravings at Cold Stone Creamery!

Hey guys! So.. My mom and I went malling to the Mall Of Asia and we passed by this Ice Cream Parlor that have totally caught my attention!

COLD STONE CREAMERY claims to give you the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience! So I gave it a try and here’s what I got!


Chocolate! Strawberry! Salted Caramel! Cotton Candy! These are just a few of the Eye-catching n Colorful ice cream flavors at Cold Stone, MOA!

Pick from these cup sizes or put your ice cream on Waffle cones.. The commence the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience..


Their menu ranges from Ice Creams, Shakes, Ice Cream Cakes and their Signature Creations, a combination of Cold Stone’s ice cream and mix-ins.. Those intriguing Signature Creations includes the Mud Pue Mojo, Strawberry Banana Rendezvous, Peanut Butter Cup Perfection and a whole lot more..


I chose the one with the most complicated name.. Germanchökolätekäke! HAHA! It just sounds so interesting and besides I loved the mix ins with it.. Pecans, Brownies, Coconut and Caramel (had no choice but to have my ice cream with caramel on ’em -_-)



While waiting in line.. I took a few snapshots of the delights they put in their ice cream creations.. Kit Kat, Oreo, Snickers, mallows, Sprinkles.. Yumm!


I also got a picture of my ice cream being prepared..

When it’s done, you either reach for it.. Or CATCH it.. Yes! You read it right.. They serve it to you by throwing the cup to you and well.. You gotta catch it! I didn’t give it a chance since I was already so excited to taste my Ice Cream!


Viola! GERMANCHÖKOLÄTEKÄKE! Looks complicated as it sounds but tastes great! I love it! It was chocolaty.. i love the way the pecans and brownies complement the ice cream.. and how the caramel adds more flavor!! :)) (Can’t belive I said that..I kinda like.. Dislike caramel..)


Umm.. The thing I didn’t quite like was the coconut shreds.. I just didn’t enjoy its presence in the combination.. But besides that I loved everything bout it.. Just the right sweetness for me :)) totally satisfied my Cravings..


I can’t wait to visit Cold Stone Creamery again and try out other flavors.. You too should give it a try! And find out for yourself how Fun your Ultimate Ice Cream Experience will be! 🙂



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