Don’t eat together


There are some foods that can not be eaten at the same time. They may have bad effects to our body. It also can cause death. So here are the lists of food combination that you should avoid:


1.)White radish and carrot.

It can cause septicemia or blood poisoning. This happens when a disease causing bacteria is present in the blood. It can also be fatal.


2.)Honey and Tofu

It can cause diarrhea. Diarrhea is a condition of having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements per day.


3.) Hami Melon with banana

It can cause renal failure or also known as kidney failure. It happens when the Kidneys fail to adequately filter waste products from the blood.


4.) Eggs with soy milk

It affects the absorption of nutrition. It can also cause inadequate protein digestion.


5.) Orange with lemon

It can cause ulcerative gastric perforation/ peptic ulcer. It is a distinct breach in the mucosa of the stomach as a result of caustic effects of acid and pepsin in the lumen.


6.) Carrot with vinegar

It can damage the carotene. To much carotene can block the vitamin from metabolizing the body.


7.) Beverage with spicy food

It can cause epigastric pain, a sign of disease in the upper abdomen.


8.) River prawn with tomato

It can cause Food poisoning.


9.) Banana with potato

You can have a freckled face. It is a clusters of concentrated melanin.


10.) Chicken and celery

It can cause loss of energy/ decrease vigor for life.



11.) Peanuts and cucumbers

It is harmful to the body.



12.) Sweet potatoes and persimmon

It can cause Lithiasis. It is a formation of stones such as the kidney stone.



13.) Onions and honey

It can damage your vision and can cause blindness. It also cause eye irritation



14.) Brown sugar and preserve eggs

It is poisonous to the body.


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