Food. At its finest.

These foods wouldn’t be called “finest” for nothing. Here are some foods that will surely satisfy your taste buds!

Marinated London Broil


A perfect dish for your dinner. Marinated London Broil is a grilled cut of beef marinated with garlic, wine and vinegar. You can also match it up with your favorite kind of wine.

Chicken Alfredo Pasta


An easy to prepare type of meal that you can just do within 30 minutes. Pasta and roasted chicken are covered in homemade alfredo sauce, then sprinkled with pepper and/or mozzarella cheese. A meal that can surely put a smile on your face before and after eating.

Sizzled Citrus Shrimp


A very simple shrimp dish. This meal can serve as a main dish or an appetizer, depending on your own liking. Sizzled Citrus Shrimp is a “Spanish-inspired saute and is a lesson in simplicity”, according to the Spring 2004 edition of Eating Well Magazine.

Chocolate Ice Cream


After a long whole day stressed at work, how about a bowl of chocolate ice cream paired with a chocolate syrup on top? Sounds teasingly delicious, right?

I do not own any of the pictures posted above. Credit belongs to their rightful owners. Here is where I got them.



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