Do’s and Don’t’s while eating


Table manners is what we do so we can look like elegant and well educated. Not only our food is what we need to observed but also are manners or our etiquette. We can not just use this in every special occasion but in our every days life. It will provide us comfort. So here are some tips you can use when eating specially in a very high class place:

1.) DON’T talk when your mouth is full.


Our parents always say this to us when we are a child. We should know that it’s unpleasant to see that we are talking while eating. It is also the main reason of misunderstanding. It’s very rude to speak/talk specially when you have companion. Talking while eating can also choke to death. Just finish what you are chewing before talking to someone or else you will experience choke and die.

2.) DON’T play with your food.


Playing with foods is a bad hobbit. It is a very rude act for the one who cook it. It is an act of showing that you didn’t like the food.

3.) DON’T give unnecessary comments when you don’t like the food.


Bad comments will surely make whoever cooked feel sad. Bad comments will surely make the cook feel down and will think to stop cooking(ok! a little bit O.A. in here). Being rude in front of them is a bad attitude. They will surely get you out of the table and let you starve to death. If you don’t want to be rude, just take some bites and tell that your already full.

4.) Keep elbows off the table.


One of the rules in table manners is never ever put your elbow on the table. It states that you have courtesy to someone that is with you in the table. You show that you are giving them proper space to eat. More space the more fun to eat.

5.) DON’T make any loud noise.

shut up

Specially NO BURPING!! It’s disgusting to see you burping at the table. It is also inappropriate to make any loud and very disruptive noise while eating. As much as possible, do not make any noise while chewing. Also avoid making noises using utensils.

This are the commonly used etiquette when eating or at the table. Just give it a try!! This are not the only etiquette that one man must have. There are many more.. So feel free to suggest anything.. CIAO!!


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