TARA SA TURO-TURO!: Famous Street foods of the Philippines

hey guys! I just want to share with you some of the Philippines’ delicious street foods.







or deep fried sweet potato and Banana Cue or deep fried saba or saging

They are one of the popular street foods in the Philippines wherein the banana or sliced sweet potato is coated with caramelized brown sugar and skewered in a bamboo stick. Some offers like toron also. Banana that are wrapped with a lumpia wrapper. These are mostly prepared in the late afternoon for the merienda or snacks.



I don’t really know its taste but they say that it’s delicious… Called as such because of their box type shape, similar to the old school Betamax tapes (if you are really really young, just know that a Betamax is what came before iPods, DVDs, CDs, Laser Discs and VHS tapes), a Betamax is actually…. well…. first a warning, this might sound really disgusting but I assure you it’s not that bad. Anyway, a Betamax is actually slang for grilled chicken blood.

“But how can you grill blood? A liquid?” you might ask, well see the blood extracted from a chicken actually turns somewhat gelatinous when cooled. It becomes this thick, gelatin like substance and then they cook it a bit to have it maintain the texture. Finally, they are cut into the boxy or rectangle shapes which resemble a betamax.

What does grilled chicken blood taste like? Well, it tastes like chicken.



These can be easily be found in the streets and they are usually on a push cart and can be seen mostly near schools. Fish balls are made from finely pulverized cuttlefish meat or Pollock and they are formed in flat shape. Other variations now include the squid balls and chicken balls. They are deep fried and you can have a preference of their sauce. There is sweet and sour sauce and hot and spicy vinegar sauce.


Kwek kwek are quail boiled eggs dipped on orange batter while tokneneng are chicken or duck boiled eggs. Thery are deep fried until crispy. Same with fish balls, squid balls and chicken balls, they can be easily seen in the streets near schools.



It came from the Chinese food quekiam. It is made of ground pork and vegetables that is wrapped in bean curd sheets. It is cooked deep fried and can be paired with a sauce.

filipino siomai


this one’s my favorite, ate it awhile ago. This is steamed dumplings made of pork or shrimp.

filipino taho


I remember every morning, my mom used to buy this. I just missed it. made of soft silken tofu. It is topped with arnibal or sweet syrup or caramelized or liquefied brown or raw sugar with sago or tapioca pearls.

philippine halo-halo


Filipinos used to eat this every summer..it is a mixed shaved of ice, evaporated or condensed milk, beans, gulaman, flakes, variety of fruits, nata de coco, etc. It is one of the Filipinos favorite desserts especially during hot days in summer. Some topped it with leche flan, ube jam and ice cream.

mais con yelo



Mix of sweet corn, milk, sugar and shaved ice





Made up of steamed white corn kernels mixed with milk, shredded coconut with a sprinkle of sugar or salt.





Shaved or crushed ice mix with caramelized brown sugar, gulaman, topped with milk powder or condensed milk and chocolate syrup. They are also mixed with artificial color to have variety of color. Original flavor is strawberry. This is very famous and popular to Filipino kids.


Philippine's Dirty Ice Cream


These are home-made ice creams with different flavours (ube or purple yam, queso or cheese, langka or jackfruit, strawberry, buko or macapuno or coconut, vanilla, chocolate) that have been sold by street vendors with colourful carts.


Peanuts or Mani in the Philippines


vendors sell this in streets sometimes inside public buses..There are boiled, raw, skinless, spicy peanuts, cashew nuts, castanas or chestnuts.


Philippines Barbecue filipino food


you’re joking if you don’t know this.. barbecues are marinated pork or chicken  then grilled in a hot charcoal.  we have different kinds of barbecue like isaw or chicken intestines ( yum! yum!), adidas or chicken feet, pwet ng manok or chicken ass, tenga ng baboy or nicknamed as Walkman, balun-balunan or grilled chicken gizzards , and many more.


Chicharon bulaklak


try eating this with rice and vinegar.. yum yum yum! Pork omentum boiled that is seasoned and deep fried


Philippine balut


Balut are hard boiled 3 week old duck egg. The looks of it are not quite good since the nearly formed embryo can be seen. However, balut are very high in protein and aphrodisiac. Proper way of eating balut is to suck the amniotic fluid before peeling it off. It is best toeat the chick and yolk with vinegar and salt.



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