1. Dessert Crostini – What you would think of as ordinarily being savory is now crossing the line into sweet toppings slathered on small pieces of toast, biscuits, or cookies. One such example is Amarena cherries and mascarpone on pistachio shortbread.Image
  2. Push-Pops – These aren’t just for frozen desserts any more. The fun plastic containers are now being filled with cake layers (think cupcakes, cheesecakes, and strawberry shortcakes), fruit, and even elaborate layered desserts, including Jello. Look for interesting flavors with unusual choices of frostings and toppings.ImagePopcorn – This standard movie theater treat is being elevated to a whole new — and much more sophisticated — level with flavors such as Campari-Infused Popcorn and Bacon Caramel Popcorn. Look for the crunchy stuff to show up in confectionssuch as ice cream, truffles, and chocolate bars, too.Image
  3. Ethnic-Inspired Desserts – Look for more international influences on your sweets, particularly Mexican and Asian. Global flavors are happily invading!
  4.   Image

5. Fig Cookies – Nabisco’s Fig Newtons are the latest packaged sweet to get a makeover. Interesting ingredients are also being added to the filling, such as red wine and anise.


6. Dacquoise – Bakers are going crazy for the dacquoise: meringue layers with a creamy filling. One version features peanut meringue, peanut butter mousse, and grape gelée.


7.  Boozy Desserts – Our obsession with cocktails will carry over into our sweets, giving a boozy twist to such standbys as cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and bread puddings. Think Boozy S’Mores Fondue, Boozy Peaches & Cream, Fizzy Sorbet Cocktail, and Brownie Bourbon Balls.


8. Sunflower Desserts – The sunchoke, which is the root of a sunflower and native to the eastern U.S., is showing up in progressive dessert offerings all over town, including brown butter ice cream with sunchoke/walnut crumble and cannoli stuffed with ricotta, chocolate, and sunflower-seed purée.


9. Gluten-Free Baked Goods – There is much more of an effort being made to accommodate those who have a sensitivity to gluten. Creativity is the name of the game here.


10. Cupcake Dispensing Machines – These novel, fully stocked ATM look-a-likes dispense freshly baked cupcakes 24/7 with an exciting lineup of flavors to choose from!


What’s going on?! the world is turning topsy turvy!! WAHHHH!! they are here! really here! *SCREAM!!

I was shot…ahhhhh….I’m never going to wake up of sweets comma!



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