What kind of FOOD EATER are you?


Not all people indulge themselves into eating food. Some people have their own different ways when they eat. In this post, you’ll see five various ways of eating. Read the post below and see what type suits you best.

1.) SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! a.k.a The Monster


“Shut up and take my money? What the hell does that mean?” Well let me explain. These people do not care about the price of the food, and they just drool themselves over whenever they see some scrumptious food at the cafeteria, the cafe, the restaurant, or just everywhere. They probably don’t care about the pros and cons of eating that food either, whether it’s unhealthy or not. Just like me.

2.) HELL TO THE NO a.k.a The Picky Eater


I bet you didn’t see that picture of Mercedes coming, lol. Now back to the topic. If you agree with the title mentioned in this part, you’re probably the picky eater. You don’t like eating all different kinds of food. Instead, you only eat your favorites. You sometimes check the Nutrition Facts too, and you don’t let other people decide on what food you’re gonna eat. Or maybe you’re just stingy, compared to people who’ll buy food no matter how much it costs.


I dislike sauce. Especially ketchup and mayo. That’s why I don’t eat burger 🙂 I’ve only eaten a burger once in my whole life (Without mayo. There’s only cheese). I’m a picky eater too.

3.) I FORGOT ABOUT MY DIET a.k.a Maybe Tomorrow


Ever wanted to have a proper diet but food just stops you from doing it? Yes? Then I have to agree. I know that most of you have already experienced this kind of situation too. Sucks, right?

4.) THE NOT SO MUCH OF AN EATER a.k.a Just One Bite


While some of us try to get our stomachs full, some eats only a few. Not everyone eats a lot of food. People from this section has an advantage and a disadvantage in eating. The advantage is that you can keep record of what you eat (for health purposes) because you only eat a few and the disadvantage is when eating at an eat-all-you-can buffet (hehehehe). It’ll be a waste of money for people like them. They’re probably not the best people you can be with during your buffet party, so think twice inviting them 🙂 Just kidding.

5.) SPG (Super Patay Gutom)


Hungry to death? Or just wanna eat a lot? People who belong here doesn’t care about the taste of the food. All they care about is eating. The word “diet” does not exist in their vocabulary. People tend to be SPG whenever they feel like doing nothing. If you don’t wanna be SPG, then start being productive and do something that will prevent you from being a member of this group.

So that’s probably it. If you are something not listed above, then feel free to comment your opinion. Thanks for taking your time to read 🙂 

– Lindy


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